Step Streets

The people of New York have a dozen streets only pedestrian and composed of steps. You’ll find them in upper Manhattan, the Bronx and the northeast of Staten Island, which are the hilly areas of New York. The longest pedestrian walkway connects Johnson Avenue in the Bronx and Netherland. It was renovated in the early 2000s.

These constructions with steps thought for the pedestrians allow them to realize courses that wheels can not reach. This is an uncommon way of thinking about urban connectivity.


United States of America


Le projet a pour but de favoriser l’accès à l’art au-delà des espaces formels et pour des populations qui n’en ont pas forcément l’opportunité, et ainsi de démocratiser la culture.
L’association espère également proposer une vision neuve de ce que pourrait être le tourisme urbain de demain.

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