Medellín and the Metropolitan Area of Valle de Aburrá

Capital of the Antioquia region and second largest city of Colombia in terms of population, Medellín was elected in 2013 “World Capital of Innovation” by the Wall Street Journal and the Urban Life Institute among 200 candidate cities. This is a consecration for this Colombian city formely marked by the crime which has been remarked thanks to the numerous policies it engaged in these last years (in particular for transport and culture). This vision has allowed many urban development projects whose purpose was always the same : to build a more human city, turned towards life. The city has implemented creative mobility solutions with a variety of services that are unique in the world today. The Métrocâble is a symbol of this innovative urban mobility. This a cable car system used as urban transport connected to the metro in order to open up areas of the city that were previously excluded. The city is also caracterised by an extensive bus coverage, a public self-service bicycle system, a new tramway under construction and escalators installed in the city to improve the daily life of residents in a city built on a set of mountains. In terms of inclusion, the focus has also been placed on access to education and culture for all : the Unidades de Vida Articulada, the Cultura Metro program and a network of libraries and services are linked to transport stations (source : La Tribune).

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