Ministerial Orientation on the Integration of Art into Transport Infrastructures

Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification, March 2018

The Transports Ministry from Québec has published online a document about the integration of Arts in the public transports. The text states the legal framework and the policies on artistic work. (Publication in french)
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Constance Y. White,
“Arts, Transportation & Infrastructure”
Excerpted from Arts & America: Arts, Culture, and the Future of America’s Communities, 2015
This essay looks at how America’s transportation and building infrastructure will shift and transform over the next 10–15 years, as
well as the role that the arts may play in positively impacting those changes.

The partnership project public art/tram: for which city narrative(s) ? – Belinda Redondo
Articulo – Journal of Urban Research [Online], Special issue 7 | 2015, Online since 14 July 2015,
“The main French cities have decorated their tram with different public art commissions. Beyond the simple ‘bandwagon effect’, the effervescence around this practice reconciling public art and tram helps to create or restore the image and the identity of the cities. To achieve it, this partnership builds itself around a narrative process, within which the official speeches greatly participate in this new apprehension of the urban space.” Read more (article in french)

Best Practices for Integrating Art into Capital Projects
APTA Sustainable Urban Design Standards Working Group, Arts in Transit Subgroup – 28 June 2013

“The integration of public art and the emphasis on design excellence and art in transit is a global phenomenon codified in the U.S. more than three decades ago. This paper documents best practices used by experienced transit art administrators who are well versed in contemporary art and have developed comprehensive art in transit programs across the country.”

Laura Berazadi, “Art in Transit”

The Artful City platform, 2012

The Federal Transit Administration, in the United States, published a policy circular in 1995 titled ‘Design and Art in Transit Projects’, which encouraged including art in mass transit projects

Green Mobility Guide
On The Move / Julie’s bicycle – May 2011

This guide, commissioned by On the Move (OTM) and written by Julie’s Bicycle, collects practical recommandations for more sustainable mobilities towards cultural professionals.
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C. Amundsen, “Public art and public transportation”

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Building communities that rely on transit and walking will require greater attention to humanizing transit stations and integrating them into their surrounding context. Public art has a role in this process: it can help make transit stations more than just places to wait.