“Creative Mobilities” was created in a context of multiplication of the urban mobilities events and of the cultural forums aiming at facing the stakes raised by the changes underwent by territories and communities. This Forum wishes to create a complementary and transversal space for reflection, exchanges and experimentations in order to rethink mobilities and to promote creativity, starting from the individuals, the citizens and from the diversity of the groups who occupy the public space – in a word : from the human.

The Forum’s program was designed after the study of more than 60 projects run in various parts of the world and more specifically of the urban approach taken by the urban territory of Medellin, which will be in the spotlight of the debates. The event is part of the France-Colombia 2017 official program.

Rely on creativity for resilient and learning territories

The creative and cultural actors are ambassadors of the artistic mobility. It is therefore necessary to raise their awareness and to associate these partners in order to make time dedicated to leisures and cultural practices a space for experimentation of new forms of mobility and sharing towards a plurality of social groups.

The public transportations and the actors of the “new mobilities” can in turn become strategic partners for the cultural development policies and the cultural operators, both as venues and alternative creative hubs and as key-actors facilitating access to culture for all. Our common adventure and our social capital are renewed mainly through culture and mobility experience, from the local to the global. In this framework, the interdependence between the cultural issues in the wide sense and the problematics of transportation and / or mobilities also shapes a new range of individual and collective abilities. To maximise the opportunities of this capital and of  their economy, the territories try more and more to create a humane, equal, creative and safe environment where the dynamism and vitality of their streets are synonyms of an inclusive, qualitative and attractive living space.

When it is well articulated, the use of performing arts proves to be strategic in order to build a new canon of shared values and to characterize an intensity of the post-carbon city. Furthermore, offering new forms of socialisation, inclusion and valuing alternative cultural and patrimonial spaces has become a common practice worldwide.

The Forum will question the notions of “public space(s)”, “living together” and “sustainable development” but will also examine the interactions between culture(s) and mobility(ies) through the complementary stakes of promotion of the right to the city and to the mobility, through the diversity of cultural expressions worldwide and on a specific territory and through the cultural, economic and social rights.



Arts, culture, mobilities, tools to raise awareness, communication and loyalty.


Well-being, creativity, diversity: (re)enchanting the urban experience and public space.


Behaviour change, measures to encourage change.


Public health, contamination, struggle against the disparities of a globalized world.

Creation and innovation

“Artists and creatives in a company” / “New spaces of creation and distribution: mobilities actors as cultural programmers”.