Link people, goods, knowledge, territories through mobility and culture

« Creative Mobilities » initiative was designed in 2016 by Valeria Marcolin (Delegate General) and Hervé Fournier and launched in 2017 with its 1st International Forum organized in cooperation with the Syndicat Mixte des Transports en commun (Grenoble Metropolitan Area, France).

It aims to address locally and internationally the synergies between mobility, culture, urban and territorial strategic planning for sustainable development through innovative and multi-disciplinary perspectives. It invites partners and stakeholders to think « out of the box »,  going beyond the « arts in public and private transport » dimension, building on existing partnership between actors and policies in those areas to foster research and development, innovation, social change, inclusion local attractiveness and  new economic opportunities.

Mobility and culture connect people, goods, different knowledges, territories… 

They  face common  challenges :  managing diversity,  developing new talents and know-how, fostering inclusion and users or citizens participation,  fighting against climate change, promoting green energies and sustainable development, resilience, and security in public space, gender-sensitive policies, succeed the digital shift smartly, tackling the digital divide, bridge the urban and rural realities…

A mapping of more than 90 case studies worldwide, the « Creative Mobilities » initiative proved that fostering strategic synergies between arts, culture and mobility can  contribute to develop livable spaces and cities,  foster local creativity  and connexions, as well as  a sens of place and belonging to a community .

Social and cultural factors, sharing a common history, creating a place with a character of its own are some key factors to make a place sustainable, including having similar life opportunities. Culture and mobility are therefore powerful drivers to nurture and connect everyday creativities, bring value lo local initiatives, empower citizens, develop new businesses and facilitate access to economic, social and cultural rights. 

Based on multi-stakeholders and public-private partnerships, « Creative Mobilities » promotes culture and mobility as public goods and policy priority objectives for sustainable development.