Our activities serving your needs

Creative mobilities is a concept, and a project that offers tools to better navigate around the world of mobility and social innovation and creativity.

The Grenoble International Forum (in September 2017) was the starting point of our initiative. Since then, several partners have wanted to continue the adventure and the team has continued to meet stakeholders, study initiatives and follow various experiences around the world.

The project has grown and is now developing various activities, around the same concerns and the same objective: connecting people, goods, knowledge and territories with mobility and culture. For this, we have developed over the years different solutions adapted to the situations we have observed.

We offer training, coaching, evaluation, and research-actions to better understand the issues and conditions for your success. And if you are part of our network, we can invite you to participate in seminars, or even our forums, organized regularly at local, national, or international level.

The Grenoble forum (29 september 2017) opened the field of exchanges at the international level. The organization of a new Forum of the same type is envisaged in 2020, with several international partners. The dates and places will be communicated to you soon (on preliminary registration).

We are involved in the organization and participation in seminars of work and reflection, in connection with our partners, or other actors of mobility, regulatory authorities and international bodies. All topics related to mobility and creativity (social, cultural) can be addressed.

For two years, we have set up training sessions tailored to different audiences : students, specialists in post, public actors, elected officials, transport operators, or companies involved in new technologies ; partnered training courses can be developed with our experts and scientific networks around the world.

Our team specialized in the fields of mobility and social uses (cultural policies, innovation and development) can propose and set up public policy evaluation processes, or actions implemented within the framework of development programs, or associative initiatives. To develop in common, according to the needs.

To help our partners and our network better understand the world and its evolution, we propose conducting research-actions, which will be able to rely on the contributions of our scientific committee and the experts of our international network.

Our resource center activities feed on projects that our partners and other organizations can lead around the world. That is why we propose to follow certain pilot projects in the field, in order to give them the repercussions and the support necessary to contribute to their success and their development.


For all these activities, you can contact us directly, to discuss possible collaborations.